Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2021 – ongoing

Teaser production for ongoing exhibitions at Fotomuseum Winterthur

Concept, Planning        by Julia Sumi, Thi My Lien Nguyen
Camera, Producting     by Thi My Lien Nguyen
Post-Production           by Thi My Lien Nguyen

Chosen Family – Less alone together
11.06.2022 – 16.10.2022

«The exhibition Chosen Family – Less Alone Together draws on international positions and works from the collection of Fotomuseum Winterthur to shed light on photography’s treatment of the (elective) family and its representation of it as a social and cultural construct. In addition to the works of professional photographers and artists, the museum also presents personal photo albums, showing the family stories of people from Winterthur and from all over Switzerland.»

26.02.2022 – 29.05.2022

«The 1928 novel Orlando tells the story of a young noble person in the age of Queen Elizabeth I who lives for centuries without ageing and has the mysterious ability to switch gender. In 1992, film-maker Sally Potter devised what has become a classic adaptation of the book with actress Tilda Swinton in the title role. ‘I see Orlando as a story about the life and development of a human striving to become liberated entirely from the constructs of prescriptive gender or social norms of any kind,’ Tilda Swinton says of Woolf’s story.

In the dual role of guest editor and curator, Swinton took up the central concerns of the novel in a special issue she devised for the magazine Aperture and in an accompanying exhibition: gender fluidity, the idea of boundless consciousness and the prospect of eternal life. Her concept brings together the work of eleven artists – a combination of established contemporary positions and images by photographers who have yet to be discovered. The exhibition also includes an introduction developed by Fotomuseum Winterthur introducing the writer Virginia Woolf and film-maker Sally Potter.»

Claudia Andujar – The Yanomami Struggle
23.10.2021 – 16.02.2022

«For five decades, photographer Claudia Andujar (b. 1931) has dedicated her life and work to the indigenous Yanomami communities in the Amazon region of Northern Brazil. In the late 1970s, when the community found itself subjected to severe external threats, the Swiss-born photographer, who is based in São Paulo, began fighting for the Yanomami’s rights. She subsequently went on to join the community, thus deepening relations between them.

Her fourteen-year battle alongside Yanomami leader Davi Kopenawa and other concerned parties led to an official demarcation of the community’s land in 1992. Today, Andujar’s activist efforts are as relevant as ever – as is illustrated by current events, such as the ongoing deforestation and environmental destruction caused by mining and ranching, human rights violations in the region or the spread of malaria and COVID-19. The exhibition brings into focus the humanitarian and environmental crises that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.»

How to Win at Photography
05.06.2021 – 10.10.2021

«How to Win at Photography – Image-Making as Play explores the relationship between photography and play. It investigates the notion of image play, creating unexpected connections between the history of photography, the gamification of the visible as well as practices of image making with and within computer games.

The group exhibition How to Win at Photography includes more than forty positions from contemporary and 20th century photography. Through an assemblage of multimedia artworks and vernacular images, the exhibition questions the very meaning and function of photography today.»