2020 – ongoing

Being of Vietnamese descent can mean many things. For me, it’s being drawn to certain objects, places, and lived experiences among people of Vietnamese heritage. My country of origin remains a mystery. Despite my urge to understand, it somehow feels very difficult to access, to connect, to be part of. Why is that? I am always searching, always trying. Again and again. In spaces, in stories, in people — even in me.
In the collision of two cultures, values and attitudes are often eva- luated, either dissolved into each other, kept intact, or rethought and modified.

This series is about searching and (not) finding. It questions the process of being shaped and influenced by different factors and its consequences in our globalized world, reconsidering our understanding of what used to be and where we will go from now on.
Combining archive and new photographs, it aims to shed light on the lived realities of a marginalized group which often go unseen in the Western mainstream media.