past & post – Fotografie in Archiv & Netz

2nd Feb – 21th July 2020, BelleVue – Ort for Fotografie, Basel

“Conceptually created works by Thi My Lien Nguyen and Simon Tanner, two contemporary visual artists and photographers, meet historical photographs by the Basel press photographer Hans Bertolf (1907–1976) in the exhibition “past & post - Photography in Archives & Networks”. Hans Bertolf is represented with pictures from his daily work for the Basler National-Zeitung from 1945 to 1976.

The exhibition team examines and combines the visual worlds in a diverse and playful way. It asks current questions: How are pictures being read today? Which are part of our collective memory - and which not? Why not? What associations does the younger generation link with the older photographs? What will image archives look like in the future? How does the changing production, distribution and reception of images affect our perception of the medium?

The exhibition, a cooperation between BelleVue and the State Archives of Basel-Stadt, creates atmospheric space to discuss these questions.”

#sunset #acaibowl #dreamlive, 2020
Installation, image carpet, 90 m2 printed with ca. 70’000 images, 2020

(Don’’t) Distract me, 2020
Installation, iPhones hanging from the ceiling

received, remixed, 2020
series, a collection of collages with the archive images