Bellies to Fill

Single-channel video, 7’35’’

extracts from the video piece, 2023

Bellies to Fill tells the story of the artist‘s mother and grand- mother and at the same time is contextualized by the artist‘s own narration. One sees collected video footage of the mother and grand- mother cooking and preparing food. The found images are mixed with footage of the artist herself cooking and then spending an evening among friends eating, drinking and talking.

The text, spoken and narrated by the artist, on the video, weaves the story of three generations into a touching image, gives visibility to the often hidden elaborate preparations of a meal and stands for the identities of three women between Vietnamese heritage and Western society.
           From exhibition text “Let’s fêtes Galantes” by Lena Friedli 

Exhibition view, Let’s Fêtes Galantes, Forum Schlossplatz Aarau, 2023. Documentation: Peter Koehl