Through My Matriarchs

photography, textile panels, audio

documentation: *ALTEFABRIK /Manuela Matt

„For the exhibition ‚Bestimmt‘ Nguyen has produced the work Through My Matriarchs, for which the artist specifically focuses on her ancestresses and deliberately takes the perspective
of children of second-generation immigrants. Three printed panels of fabric hanging from the ceiling display large-scale images of Nguyen‘s family life. Thanks to the fine, fluttering movements of the light material, they create a fluid sense

of space that reflects Nguyen‘s personal relationship to her homeland and origins. Visitors are invited to move between the webs and delve into the subject matter under the impression of an acoustic collage. For this purpose, the artist has created a composition with audio material from her own archive that stimulates an examination of the questions that are important to her.“
           From exhibition text “Bestimmt” by Irene Grillo