No Explanation Needed

photography, passepartout, handwriting

exhibition view, Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich, 2023. Documentation: Peter Baracchi

The themes I deal with in my art are closely linked to the person I represent in society: young woman, POC, child of the working class and member of a diaspora. For this reason my work is political and I understand my art as a quiet kind of activism. The mediating claim is central to my art practice, yet I began to question my mediator role and connote it differently. To take up space without asking for it. To mediate without explaining; and to endure this.

The photographs show elements of the ritual around the Vietnamese home altar: the practice of care and offering and inviting ancestors into the family and death into life.
The photographs in No Explanation Needed sit in passe-partouts: in this way I take up an originally traditional Western framing practice with which I consciously want to break - through the use of color and text and the shifting of the image sections. This almost hurts our symmetrically trained eye a bit; and at the same time helps to unlearn and re-memorize.

The texts expand the photographic work and play with the untranslatable between languages. No Explanation Needed encourages in a multi-layered way to endure the unfamiliar, to remain flexible - and to find one‘s own explanations.